Pulchowk Campus
Bachelor's Degree in  Computer Engineering
Group: B
Year: IV    Part: II    Batch: 2070
Full Marks: 20 Code No.: CT
Pass Marks: 8 Subject:  Geographical Information System (Elective-III) Prac./Theory: Theory
S. No. CRN NAME Assesment Remarks
In Figure  In Words
1 070/BCT/525 PRABIN BHANDARI A   Absent
2 070/BCT/526 PUJAN MAHARJAN 19 Nineteen  
3 070/BCT/527 PUJAN THAPA A   Absent
4 070/BCT/528 PUKAR KARKI A   Absent
5 070/BCT/529 RAJ DANGOL A   Absent
6 070/BCT/530 RAJESH TITUNG A   Absent
7 070/BCT/531 SABBIU SHAH A   Absent
8 070/BCT/532 SABIN SILWAL 17 Seventeen  
9 070/BCT/533 SAGAR ADHIKARI A   Absent
10 070/BCT/534 SAGAR ARYAL A   Absent
11 070/BCT/535 SAGAR SHAH 19 Nineteen  
12 070/BCT/536 SAMIP SUBEDI A   Absent
13 070/BCT/537 SANDEEP DUDHRAJ A   Absent
14 070/BCT/538 SANDESH PANDEY A   Absent
15 070/BCT/539 SARAJU PALUKASI 16 Sixteen  
16 070/BCT/540 SAROJ NIRAULA 16 Sixteen  
17 070/BCT/541 SAUJANYA ACHARYA A   Absent
18 070/BCT/542 SAURAV SHRESTHA 19 Nineteen  
19 070/BCT/543 SHARMILA UPADHYAYA 16 Sixteen  
20 070/BCT/544 SHRAWAN BK 18 Eighteen  
21 070/BCT/545 SHREEBATSA ARYAL 19 Nineteen  
22 070/BCT/546 SHUBHAM KUMAR AGRAWAL 16 Sixteen  
23 070/BCT/547 SUSHIL SHAKYA 20 Twenty  
24 070/BCT/548 UTSAB CHALISE 19 Nineteen  
Date:  2074/4/5 Name of Examiner:  Babu Ram Dawadi Signature:________________
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b) Marks in Words, Date, Name & Signature of the Examiner.
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